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Letter: COVID-19 vaccine should be required to use Burnaby pools

Should people have to be vaccinated to use a public pool?
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I would like to share my thoughts about not having to show vaccination proof when using the pool.

When I heard that, after Sept. 3, there were no more safety regulations such as crowd sizes put into effect for swimming, I opted to stay away until Sept. 13 when the vaccine mandate came into effect.

As I am 60 and my mother 89 with various comorbidities, I am very cautious and was hopeful about the vaccine requirements coming into effect. When I entered the community centre (Edmonds), I was told no vaccine requirements were needed for swimming. 

This really made me uncomfortable.

I understand that a pool area is generally better ventilated than a small room used for exercise, but I don’t understand the lack of consistency of thought for protection.

The change rooms and showers are all places that are needed after swimming. With no size control of participants, the shower and change rooms get increasingly crowded throughout the day. People spend as much as an hour in these places.

No one will be policing that everyone is wearing a mask or social distancing. Why swimmers are not afforded the same protection as someone doing a Zumba class or using the exercise equipment?

Annette Davies, Burnaby