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Letter: 'Creeped out' by drone staring into my Burnaby highrise condo

Burnaby woman says neighbourhood privacy violated
This photo of a drone in the Metrotown area was posted to Twitter.


I moved into a highrise in the Metrotown area because I wanted security.

Our building has heightened security measures, including cameras and doors that need a special FOB to enter. You also need a FOB to get up the elevators.

Those measures have made me feel secure until recently. That’s when I started to feel creeped out.

What happened was I was sitting on my couch watching TV at night when something caught my eye. It wasn’t clear but something was moving around in the distance.

I went to the balcony and looked out and couldn’t see anything at first. Then after a minute and my eyes adjusted, it became obvious.

There was a drone flying out there.

As I stood there trying to get a better look the drone came closer to me. It just hovered there for a minute and I waved my middle finger at it in case someone was watching live.

And then it flew off. I had hoped that was the end of it, but a few days later before the sun had set, I saw another drone flying right in front of my window. My fear is that the operator is now doing this on purpose because of my gesture.

My fear is also that some pervert is looking into all of our windows to get some kind of vicarious thrill. This is disgusting behaviour.

If you know of someone who has a drone and does this, please tell them to stop invading our privacy. Get a frigging life.

Jen Allen, Burnaby