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Letter: Don't cover up Central Park pool

In this rapidly densifying area, having a pool in which we can enjoy sunshine and the open sky is a welcome relief, reader says.
Outdoor pool central park
The pool at Central Park.


No — don't do it! No roof on Central Park outdoor pool, please.

Why close up an outdoor pool with a fixed roof? A movable roof opened in the summer? Maybe. I'd be swimming in the rain during the summer if the pool were open.

The best part of Central Park pool is the open sky. Indoor under cover is not the same.

Burnaby needs to build some other pools. Not just makeshift as we go along. Should have seen this coming?

I love the open-air Central Park pool. This is the pool my children and I would ride our bicycles to every summer almost every day. It was semi-ruined when they placed that enormous white swim meet divider on the pool deck as it blocked the view from the grass where I used to sit in the shade and was able to watch the kids.

It could use a refresh, i.e. changerooms and washrooms. Bringing back the concessions would be nice. Maybe some sun umbrellas shading the babies. But putting a roof over it, blocking the summer sun, sky, trees and circling eagles from view, is intolerable.

We live in an area that is densifying daily, and the bit of sunshine and open sky is a welcome relief. Also, it is my favourite way to get my Vitamin D from the sun. A roof blocking sun will impact my health.

Karin Alzner