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Letter: ‘Gropers’ at Burnaby’s Metrotown SkyTrain station have me ready to move

'Am I the only one suffering through this?'
Metrotown SkyTrain station in Burnaby is the city's busiest transit hub. NOW files


The Metrotown SkyTrain station is the busiest in all of Burnaby and it’s not for the squeamish.

There are so many people when I get off the train at the end of the day that I feel claustrophobic as I get swept up in the crowd.

I moved close to the station because I don’t drive and the SkyTrain is very convenient. Plus I like all of the great restaurants and, of course, Crystal Mall.

I’ve read some articles recently by women who say they are ready to move out of Metrotown because they don’t feel safe on the street. Let me add my voice to this, but particularly at the SkyTrain station.

There are gropers who cruise this area on the platform and at the entrance. They jump into the crowd and “accidentally” bump into women with their hands. I’ve had this happen a few times and these men all pretend it was accidental and I have no way to prove otherwise.

I’m just fed up because nobody can do anything about it. But I can by moving to a quieter area and using a SkyTrain station that isn’t as busy so I don’t get grabbed in a crowd.

Am I the only one suffering through this? Why do women have to be made victims? It’s disgusting.

Anyways, thanks for listening.

V. Kim, Burnaby

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