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Letter: I block Burnaby street parking with cones because I clear the snow

Editor: Re: If you block your Burnaby street parking with cones, I will run them over , NOW Letters First, I must say reading is fundamental, Kyle.
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Re: If you block your Burnaby street parking with cones, I will run them over, NOW Letters

First, I must say reading is fundamental, Kyle. If you actually read what I wrote, nowhere do I say I’m entitled to park in front of my house, nor do I put up cones every single day. I wrote that in the winter I shovel out my car spot and put cones up because someone like you comes along and says, “Wow look at this freshly shovelled spot, I bet he’s not coming back anytime soon, he must’ve done this for me!”

Do you see how arrogant and entitled that sounds, that’s how you come across.

Do I feel I should be allowed to park in front of my place, of course I do, do I want to inconvenience my neighbours by parking in front of their place, not really, because I don’t feel it’s the right thing to do. Also if you’re allowed to just park in front of anyone’s home, why would the city ticket you after 3 hours? You mention I don't take into consideration my neighbours may have mobility issues, wrong! I don’t park in front of their places, because you know I’m considerate that way. 

Also allow me to enlighten you Kyle. See in front of my place it's not yard/sidewalk/road, it’s yard/sidewalk/6ft of gravel then the road, so technically I’m not on the city street in front of my place. Again you’re assuming you know my parking situation and you know what they say when you assume?

You suggest my parents should be put in “accessible lodging”. Suggesting that, would mean they can’t care for themselves, never did I say that. Mobility would mean walking/getting around in this instance. My mother is a cancer survivor and cannot get around without assistance like she used to, so walking 2 blocks would be difficult, but as you say “we don’t care about your parents mobility issues” I bet your parents would be so proud of your lack of empathy. Maybe contact David Tieu, who also had an opinion on my parents and you two can grab a Handy Dart, hang out and take in the sights.

You suggest getting rid of one of our vehicles. No problem Kyle. Are you available to drive me to Abbotsford and Richmond every day? This way I can reduce my carbon footprint by carpooling with you. I’d take the bus, but you know, 8 hours on a bus cuts into my work day. The way you talk you assume we work 2 blocks away or work together and can commute easily with one vehicle, insert face palm gif.

The part in your response that had me chuckle, was you saying you’d drive over the cones and sue me for damages. As the bad guy in Taken said “Good Luck”, what’s your car made out of Lego? I thought you were concerned about the environment, you know the carbon footprint you mentioned. Why are you driving a vehicle then, tsk, tsk, do as I say not as I do right?

Talk to my next door neighbours, thanks Kyle, that never occurred to me, there’s space in the back for 1 car, but continue to think you know my living situation. I guess you didn’t read about someone being verbally abusive, that was a neighbour one house over who was too lazy to parallel park in front of his space, and proceeded to take up space for two vehicles.

Run for Mayor, well I have run in a Burnaby election before, just not for Mayor. I’d do it again, but not over a parking issue.

I like when people express their frustrations on an issue and people like Kyle and David consider it “complaining” rather than considering it what it is, an opinion.

If the bylaw says it’s a free for all for parking, it is what it is. In the winter I’ll continue to put up cones when I shovel and the city will talk to me if they have an issue. If they had an issue, I’m sure I would have had a knock on my door over the last 24 years.

Let me add, I enjoy Chris Campbell's articles, I just disagree with his stance on this issue, otherwise I’ll continue to read what he has to say. Also I enjoyed Kimmy Parhar’s response to Kyle.

You sound like you need some anger management Kyle, maybe I could recommend a place close to my parents “accessible lodging”.

Kyle, my child makes a better argument to stay up late on a school night than you do about parking. Your response was something straight out of a wrestling promo “Let me tell you something brother!”

With that Kyle, I must bid you adieu, goodbye and goodnight.

Glen Power, Burnaby