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Letter: I shouldn't have to risk my life when walking on a Burnaby sidewalk

Resident wants cyclists to give more notice when passing
Riding an e-bike. Photo: Halfpoint/iStock


I live in North Burnaby and enjoy walking in my neighborhood, but I feel like I take my life in my hands when I walk on the sidewalk, on Kensington, between Hastings and Kitchener.

Cyclists pass me from behind with no notification. Today, it was a 200-pound-plus person on a big e-bike going downhill that flew by on my left with no notice.

How about a bell, or a yell? I would have been seriously hurt if I had accidentally wandered to my left.

So is the path on Kensington a sidewalk or a bike path? I cycle, too, and always warn people, cyclists or pedestrians if I am passing them and wish others did, too. 

Betty Macdonald, Burnaby