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Letter: If Burnaby allows laneway houses on my street, I’m moving because it will ruin it

A Burnaby homeowner isn't thrilled about this new plan
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Re: Burnaby moves forward on allowing residents to build laneway houses, NOW News

I know some people are celebrating the news that the City of Burnaby is moving ahead on plans to allow laneway houses on single-family lots, but not me.

I’m dreading it.

I’ve lived in Burnaby for three decades and have enjoyed my nice and quiet neighbourhood on the north side of the city.

I emphasize the word quiet because it’s in stark contrast to the areas in which density is built, like Metrotown and Brentwood. They are near SkyTrain so it makes sense to add density there.

For single-family neighbourhoods, we have a lifestyle that is friendly for kids and peaceful. Kids can play in back alleys or on the street because there are only so many families allowed. There’s nothing wrong with this so why mess with a good thing?

I have friends who live in cities that allow laneway houses and they’ve become too crowded with lots of issues such as traffic and a lack of parking. These streets are only made for so many people and adding a bunch more only makes things worse.

It’s bad enough that there are illegal rental suites crammed into some of these houses – now we’re looking at adding more of them?

Leave us alone. Adding these laneway houses mean more noisy construction but with very little benefit. It won’t significantly add to the housing stock to the point where we see benefits worth the problems they cause.

This just feels like a cash grab that will benefit a few homeowners rich enough to be able to build them. Meanwhile, our property values will drop.

Building up areas around SkyTrain instead of messing with our neighbourhoods. If this is allowed on my street, then I will be selling and moving.

F. Wilson, Burnaby