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Letter: I'm fed up with this 'endless' city project blocking my Burnaby street

City is doing work on Broadway
broadway construction project
City of Burnaby work along Broadway.


I am writing regarding the City of Burnaby’s endless construction project on Broadway Street from Underhill to Bainbridge.

I have a child-care centre on Camrose Drive and Broadway. 

I am so fed up with the way they are taking advantage. They are taking an extremely long time and the way they block the road from the both sides, it’s not even explainable. 

They don’t let any deliveries to my house for months. I have to go and pick the parcel up from the intersection. They let only the local traffic in. One day I was coming from Bainbridge and they stopped me. I went back and tried to come from Lake City side. They again stopped me. I mentioned them that I live here, you are blocking both sides. How I am going to get to my house?

On top of that, they did not let you know ahead of time that they are blocking this area from next week or day after. I always get to know in the evening or sometimes on the same day from the parents that they are not letting them go through. 

It is so frustrating for me and the parents dropping their kids. Their flaggers always block the road from the both sides while I have no parking or driveway at the back of my house. They park their vehicles in my driveway without permission. 

I tried to call their project manager and they even don’t try to fix the problem.

So many times I informed the parents that you are good to come from this side. In the morning, it’s same. Their flaggers don’t let the parents come in. 

Now, it’s just like we are blocked inside and they are doing what they want. There is no bus service in this area, from Lake City to Duthie Avenue, not enough street lights.

Hardeep Kaur, Burnaby