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Letter: I’m leaving Burnaby’s Metrotown after having my purse stolen by some 'sicko'

Metrotown resident hopes someone will read this and take action.
stalked by someone
A Burnaby resident shares concerns about street safety.


I’ve felt pretty good last year when a man stole my purse as I was walking down Beresford Street next to Metrotown mall.

No, I’m not crazy. This sicko grabbed my purse and ran off and I chased him down because I’m a runner. I don’t think he expected that I would catch up to him so easily. He dropped the purse and kept on running.

At the time, like I said, I was pretty pleased with myself, but my parents were mortified that this had happened to me. They begged me to move to a different area. Someplace that was quieter and had fewer street people.

The problem is that I have a really good rental situation as far as affordability, if you can call what I pay affordable. Moving would likely mean spending more money, but now I think it’s best for me.

The clocks change this weekend and that’s good because it stays light out later, which means I’m not walking alone in the dark in the Metrotown area. Things just don’t feel safe here anymore. I’ve been threatened by people on the street who are either high on drugs or have a mental illness.

I feel bad for them, but I’m not risking my safety any longer. Maybe someone will read this and actually do something about crime in this area.

T. Gillick, Burnaby

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