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Letter: Lead from hunting is poisoning eagles and hawks

Ban on lead shot would help prevent poisonings of birds of prey that scavenge on animal carcasses.
Eagles and hawks are being poisoned by lead shot from scavenged animal carcasses.


In B.C. and across Canada lead poisoning is killing lots of wildlife such as eagles and hawks.

Hunting is contributing to the problem since bullets left behind with animal carcasses are eaten by eagles and other wildlife.

Lead should be removed from bullets since it is killing and poisoning wildlife across Canada. I've seen how eagles are incredibly vulnerable to contaminants and pollutants, as are hawks, as lead affects their entire body in detrimental ways.

Eagles and hawks are beautiful animals. They need people’s protection in general now more than ever. The best way would be banning leaded bullets and having better practices that protect eagles and hawks. Thank you.

Brian Jones