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Letter: Local schools and companies must get people outdoors for their mental health

Writer says more effort must be made to ease mental health issues.
People walking on the Burnaby Lake trails. NOW file photo


Living in B.C., one can definitely witness a mental health crisis, especially now during COVID.

The pandemic has impacted people’s mental health and the situation itself has affected everyone in one form or another. Most of my coworkers, as well as friends have suffered unemployment, lack of affordable housing, isolation and this has impacted mental health and is not talked about frequently.

I have volunteered for different organizations, food banks and community outreach and I personally have heard people suffering depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and came to the conclusion that a large portion of the population is having moderate to severe mental health issues.

However, a lot of it is hidden as people don't wish to talk about mental health openly. I had severe anxiety and depression due to the pandemic, as well as how uncertain the future is.

A constructive solution I have discussed with family and coworkers is spending time outdoors. Local parks and spending time in a park walking in the forest is therapeutic and calms down anxious feelings and thoughts.

I personally feel companies and schools should have activities outdoors at local parks to improve people’s mental well-being as well as discussing mental health more openly as I feel presently schools and companies are lacking in mental health resources.

Brian Jones