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Letter: Loss of Burnaby parkland unacceptable

Organic waste facility would do irreparable harm to wildlife habitat, reader says.
The Burnaby Fraser Foreshore park is home to eagles and a wide variety of other wildlife that could be harmed by a proposed waste facility, a reader says.


This is to express my profound objection to the proposed removal of 21 acres of designated parkland in order to build another waste recycling facility.

The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife not limited to but including owls, ducks, herons, eagles, skunks, snakes, rabbits, coyotes, beaver, squirrels, salamanders, frogs.

As a longtime resident of Burnaby, I have to ask why the city recently allowed a massive Amazon development right next to the existing garbage waste incinerator if it knew that land would be needed for expansion.

It is my sincere hope that an alternative site, not existing parkland, will be found.

Shelley Hamilton