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Letter: Opponents shut out in city hall survey

Reader takes issue with municipal survey on new location for city hall that claims local government has 'no other option.'
Burnaby city hall is turning a deaf ear to opponents of its proposed city hall relocation, says a reader.


As you know, City of Burnaby wanted residents' thoughts about the new city hall. We received a second postcard from the city. It reads, "We have no other option."

Previously I gave my opinion to the survey: Keep city hall as is, in the same location at Deer Lake. Reason: The Metrotown area is just too congested and dense. Two of the three options will likely take out parkland areas. Also, city hall should be in the centre of the city. Why should a northern city resident drive all the way to the south to visit city hall?

I find the "we have no other option" just off-putting. City hall clearly does not want to hear from the residents. They don't care our thoughts and opinions.

In time when inflation is at a high, why would they want to build this new city hall? As for the comment about it would not cost taxpayers, this is not true. Sure, developers could build it for you but this will likely have a pass through cost in other areas (i.e. new condos development, the price of the new condos will go up because they "build" the new city hall).

City hall has not disclosed the future land use of the Deer Lake areas; what are you going to do with the old city hall? Watch, they probably made a land deal of some sort.

Jennifer Lee