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Letter: Please remember that pedestrians have the right of way

Scooter drivers must be taught to ride responsibly.
Pedestrian-Ezra Bailey-Stone-Getty Images
Drivers of bicycles, cars and electric scooters need to remember that pedestrians have the right of way


I'm writing to point out to our kind neighbours that, in all places: sidewalks, roads, or leisure pathways, pedestrians have the RIGHT OF WAY. So, wherever you drive your electric scooter, bicycle, or car, you are obliged to yield to pedestrians, not they to you. Specifically, driving up behind someone on the sidewalk at speed, expecting your tiny bell to move them instantly out of your way is extremely foolish. If you hit them, or drive them dangerously aside, you risk an injury or lawsuit. I don't know if electric scooters are fully legal in New West yet, but perhaps with the acceptance of them, we should also teach our children to use them reasonably and safely.

Amanda Gray