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Letter: Sports box benefits Burnaby

Lacrosse box at Confederation Park has been a crucible for local amateur sports, reader says.
Lacrosse stock image
The lacrosse box at Burnaby's Confederation Park is a great community asset, a reader says.


Re: Letter: Sports box hurts park’s charm

I would like to inform the letter writer that the lacrosse box at Confederation Park has provided the space for multiple national championship teams across various age groups. The roots of Burnaby Minor Lacrosse grew under the box.

I for one can’t wait for the next group of champions to train and have fun under the cover of a roof with lighting. I can just imagine the relief of team officials who no longer will have to search for wayward balls!

I am excited to see what city council can up with. Regards to all of our sports facilities.

Douglas Smith
Burnaby Junior Laker
Burnaby Senior Laker