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Letter: Surrey police decision should be put to referendum

"Otherwise, we will remain captive to the whims of whoever is the current Surrey mayor."
Which police force should be patrolling Surrey? This resident thinks the question should have been put to a referendum.


Re: Surrey police transition 'recommendation' raising more questions for a decision

Graeme Wood is correct that the NDP Surrey police servicing recommendation has produced more questions than answers.

Is ex-Mayor Doug McCallum prematurely dancing in the aisles?  His painful opposition to an earlier policing referendum has not served the people of Surrey well. 

While I have never voted NDP, Premier Eby is right that the confusion over the future of Surrey policing has gone on too long.  I am impressed by the calibre of both the RCMP and Surrey Police Service officers who recently responded to our numerous break-ins. It is a tragedy that these hard-working, courageous officers are still stuck in political limbo about their futures.

Surrey city councillor Linda Annis says that we need a referendum to settle this "political football" once and for all.  Both the White Rock/South Surrey MP Kerry Lynne Findlay and MLA Trevor Halford have called for this referendum.

Otherwise, we will remain captive to the whims of whoever is the current Surrey mayor.  Premier Eby and Mayor Locke presently seem like the irresistible force battling the immovable object. Only a Surrey police referendum will remove this logjam, ending the nightmare for Surrey residents.

Many don't know that the City of Surrey originally had their own police force.  The RCMP replaced them by referendum in 1950. The NDP could have saved us money and grief if they had given the Surrey residents a referendum over the decision to bring in the Surrey Police Service or keep the RCMP.  Surrey deserves a choice.

Rev. Dr. Ed Hird, Surrey