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Letter: We need a Just Transition Act to tackle the climate crisis

Providing good, green jobs and transitioning away from fossil fuels requires serious action now
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Transitioning off fossil fuels and tackling climate change requires a Just Transition Act now, says this letter writer.


A couple of weeks ago I made a submission to the Natural Resource Canada consultation on Just Transition Legislation they’re planning to draft. It’s legislation that has been long promised by Justin Trudeau and that we so desperately need if we’re serious about tackling the climate crisis.

Myself and thousands of others from coast to coast to coast called for a Just Transition Act that reflects these three principles: 1) guarantees a good, green, unionized job to anyone who wants one; 2) puts people first by supporting workers and communities through the transition to 100% renewable energy; and 3) is in line with climate science and ensures a rapid transition off fossil fuels.

Our communities, especially those most impacted by the climate crisis and the fossil fuel economy, deserve a government that’s going to show up for them in this time of uncertainty. We deserve for our government to show they are serious about getting us on the path of climate stability, and to do that they need to legislate a big and bold Just Transition Act that leaves no one behind.

Kaetlon Tayler