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Letter: Willingdon Lands megaproject will worsen congestion

Roads near highrise project aren’t up to the task of handling increased traffic, and will require extensive and costly reconstruction.
Willingdon lands rendering. aquilini
Rendering of the proposed Willingdon Lands development | Submitted


I would like to share my concerns regarding the Willingdon Lands project.

Willingdon lands could be used for the good of the community at large. We already have enough highrises, films studios, retail stores and businesses in the community.

Boundary Road, Willingdon Avenue, Canada way are already congested with cars, trucks and vans creating noise and air pollution in the area.

These roads are not adequately designed for further expansion and use of more vehicles and require a huge redevelopment and reconstructing of them which will cost the public a great deal of money.

A megaproject of this size will definitely worsen these existing matters a lot more.

There should have been a very effective independent study, assessment and involvement of the community even before considering a plan and project of this size in the first place.

Further expansion of Burnaby Hospital is a very good choice for this land and can greatly benefit the seniors and people who are mentally and physically challenged and live in the community and in the lower mainland as well.

There are many individuals in our communities who are dealing with depression, drug abuse and overdose and do not have access to proper services and resources to assist and support them.

It should become our high priority to address and resolve the above issues and help our communities in the best possible way.

Willingdon lands, when used as an extension to Burnaby Hospital, can make that happen, however, the existing plan for this land will not be able to achieve this objective and falls very short of it.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Parviz Paydafar, Burnaby