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Letters: Don't move Burnaby city hall to Metrotown

Proposal to relocate seat of municipal government draws fire from readers.
Burnaby City Hall 2
Readers are criticizing a proposal to move Burnaby's city hall to Metrotown.


Burnaby taxpayers are correct to call out the current mayor about his plan to move city hall to the Metrotown area.

This current city council has shown that they are unable to bring any of their capital projects over the finish line at or under the original budget. In fact, one of the projects, the pedestrian/cycling bridge over Highway 1, has already doubled in cost before a shovel has entered the ground.

In this economic climate, I would recommend that the current elected officials focus on completing the new arena, aquatic centre and two community centres before committing themselves to any more large-scale projects.

The mayor also needs to be a lot more transparent about this city hall relocation proposal, including its potential price tag, where the new building would be located (and which property developer might be helping bring it to fruition), and the plans for the Deer Lake campus once the proposed city hall has opened.

Martin Kendell


How about using the space where the unused law courts are located to expand the existing city hall. Not interested in the Metrotown location.

Therese Pope


Locating to Metrotown is a stupid idea considering the traffic and parking. The old Safeway location is even stupider. The building alone would take up the whole area, and where would you park? And you’re on one of the busiest intersections in Burnaby. Get the rocks out of your head. Keep it where it is, it’s easy access and there’s always parking.

Delores Marcher


A new city hall?
Well maybe, I don’t know.
I agree the current city hall is a good central location, and I am not sure why congested Metrotown was selected. Moreover I have not seen or read a rationale for a move, other than “we should” or “we want to.”

I would like to know how a new city hall fits into the Official Community Plan. As Councillor Gu said at the last council meeting, the OCP is the most important plan for the city for the next 25 years.
Please update the citizens of Burnaby.

There has been precious little information about what is going on with the plan and very little meaningful engagement with citizens all over Burnaby on anything. Green Coun. Joe Keithley just had a motion passed to engage the citizens of Burnaby on key projects occurring in the city. This would be a good topic to include in that process.

Cathy Griffin