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Letters: Protect the noble Viking

More readers leap to defence of Burnaby North Secondary School mascot.
The steel and concrete Burnaby North Secondary Viking was unveiled in 1994. Photo Cornelia Naylor

Editor: Don't let the cancel crowd win another battle. Keep the noble Viking.

Brian Mackenzie


Editor: Spending my summers at the cabin in Manitoba and a lot of time in Gimli (Icelandic heritage and home of the Crown Royal distillery), why would anyone want to remove a Viking as their mascot?

For the record, I am one-quarter Swedish and have two authentic Viking helmets in the cabin :)

Keep the Viking!

Jay Venables


Editor: I was a student at Burnaby North Secondary at the time the Viking was being built. It is art, plain and simple, and it should be preserved.

The hard work that went into this was amazing, and to remove now because of a few people seems wrong — and disappointing that this is even up for discussion.

I was and still am proud to have spent my secondary school time a Burnaby North and hope that this bit of school history can be saved because it matters more then people think.

Aaron Nelson