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Opinion: Burnaby neighbour ‘squashed’ milk crates blocking parking spots

Is this the right way to handle it?
milk crates one
Is it OK to block parking spots with milk crates?

Milk crates have seen a bit of a renaissance lately as unfortunate souls build a tower out of them and then try and walk up and over – usually getting hurt in the process.

It’s been dubbed the “milk crate challenge” and social media is full of these folks getting hurt.

In Burnaby and other cities, there’s another milk crate situation and this one involves parking.

Specifically, people are blocking off parking spaces with milk crates so other people can’t park in front of their house.

I’ve written before about all sorts of tricks people use to prevent people from parking on their street, from orange road cones to garbage bins, but some use the milk crates.

And it doesn’t always end well.

“Jeff in Burnaby” told me about how his neighbour uses the milk crates to block off not one, but two parking spots in front of the house.

Jeff isn’t having any of it.

“I might be OK with just one spot being blocked from drivers in our neighbourhood, but two is ridiculous,” said Jeff. “It’s greedy to do this all of the time. Sometimes he just leaves the crates out all night and doesn’t park a vehicle there. Like he can’t even stand to see the sight of a vehicle out front of his house … I finally got fed up enough that I drove over them with my truck and squashed them. I even backed over them so he would get the message and I think he did because he hasn’t put out any more crates.”

For the record, I don’t condone this sort of behaviour. Sure, I think it’s wrong to think you can block spots on your street because you don’t own the street. But that’s no way to go about it.

I mean maybe if you’re having a big party and you want to have some extra parking for guests, then discuss it with your neighbours. Dialogue is always the best way to deal with these situations.

My goodness.

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