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Opinion: Burnaby’s worst left turn is a ‘game of chicken’ because drivers are maniacs

Does the city need to fix this intersection?
Willingdon and Kingsway in Burnaby. Google Street View

The return to in-person work in offices and other businesses has put me back onto the road.

I fought the decision not because I don’t like the office, but because I hate having to drive through Burnaby to get to work.

People are maniacs here and it only took a few weeks for my stress level to hit a dangerous level.

People either drive way too slow or way too fast in Burnaby. They also don’t understand basic things like actually stopping at a stop sign.

And then there are intersections – places where common sense goes to die.

The single-worst intersection in all of Burnaby – well, that’s my opinion – is at Willingdon and Kingsway. It’s a freak show of near-misses, especially when it comes to making a left turn in any direction.

The worst of the four choices is when going south on Willingdon to turn left onto Kingsway. The traffic backs up all the way to the light at Grange Street – sometimes with people stuck in that intersection even after the lights change.

Turning left onto Kingsway becomes a game of chicken as drivers do dangerous things because they have been waiting in the line for so long they get frustrated.

I wish the city could do something to fix it but you can’t actually fix impatience.

Just take a breath and don’t do stupid things. Saving 30 seconds isn’t worth the risk of getting killed or killing someone else.

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