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Opinion: Dr. Henry gets (rightfully) roasted for no-mask selfies at BC Lions game

Dr. Bonnie Henry seen without a mask posing in close proximity with other unmasked people sends the wrong message

The BC Lions lost (big surprise) to the Edmonton Elks at BC Place stadium Thursday night.

Some photos posted on Twitter showed few people in the crowd wearing masks and many of them forced to cram together as they left the stadium.

This at a time when COVID-19 cases are surging in B.C., including in Metro Vancouver. The province reported 689 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday — including 121 people in hospital, of whom 56 are in intensive care — for a total of 5,982 active cases.

Things were so bad in the Interior Health Authority that public health officials reinstated mandatory masking for indoor public places – sending a message that masks are important to help stop the spread.

It was in this backdrop that multiple people posted video of public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry without a mask as she greeted her fans, who lined up – many without masks – to pay homage to the doctor who has led our province through the pandemic.

Henry has done some amazing things and I respect her, but her actions sent a terrible signal to people about being cautious at a time when the Delta variant is surging. Henry has said she recommends people wear masks in indoor public spaces, but then did the exact opposite. It gives ammo to those anti-maskers fighting any kind of mask mandates. 

She was shown posing for selfies without a mask in close proximity with strangers who also were not wearing masks.

The reaction on Twitter was swift and she was rightfully roasted for this. What follows is a portion of what some people said.

These aren't a bunch of yahoos saying this. These are journalists, scientists and lawyers reacting with horror of the actions of our top doctor. 

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