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Opinion: ‘McLovin’ wannabe tries to fool Burnaby cops with fake driver’s licence

Imagine handing this to a cop and thinking they wouldn't notice. Hope it was worth it.
The famous McLovin fake licence from the film Superbad.

If you haven’t seen the 2007 comedy Superbad then you will likely not get the “McLovin” reference in the headline.

The character showed his friends a fake driver’s that was from Hawaii, only it only listed one name – McLovin – on it.

But fake driver’s licences aren’t just the stuff of movies and TV shows – some drivers in Burnaby actually try to fool our local police with them.

That’s what happened on Good Friday when the Burnaby RCMP staged a seatbelt check on Burnaby Mountain. I remember it because I actually drove through it (yes, I was wearing my seatbelt).

On top of catching people without their seatbelts – they nailed 17 drivers or passengers despite ample warning – police also caught three drivers out in their vehicles without a driver’s licence.

And, like McLovin, one of these drivers handed police a fake driver’s licence.

It didn’t work. Police saw through the ruse and the driver was left without a vehicle. Imagine thinking you could fool the police with your homemade licence.

Driving without a licence isn’t some rare occurrence. Back in February, Burnaby RCMP’s traffic team was out targeting drivers making their way into Burnaby in the middle of the week, according to a police tweet.

In all, cops handed out 42 tickets for a variety of issues, including trucks loaded with vehicle defects.

But they also caught three people driving around without valid licenses. This is an issue that police have been highlighting during the past few months after catching dozens and dozens of drivers without licenses.

Burnaby RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Kalanj spoke to the NOW back in November 2021 about what they were finding during these enforcement campaigns.

“It still blows my mind, 10 people,” Kalanj said about one night of ticketing. “And it wasn’t like they spent a 12-hour shift doing this...That’s 10 in Burnaby alone. Think of the rest of the Lower Mainland.”

Days later, 14 drivers were caught without licenses at one time.

Several vehicles were towed during the recent enforcement blitz. Is that really worth the trouble it takes to get a proper licence?

People, don’t be a McLovin – be a grownup.

  • With additional reporting by Cornelia Naylor

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