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Opinions: Burnaby SkyTrain noise complaints continue to flood in

Screeching is "unacceptable" and "annoying," these writers say.
The issue of excessive SkyTrain noise has sparked a flood of comments and letters from Burnaby residents. Here are some of the recent ones.

It looks like the Burnaby NOW reader who wrote to us about excessive SkyTrain noise really wasn't alone. We've been collecting reader letters and comments about the issue since that letter (and some response letters) ran, and feedback is still coming in. Here are some highlights from some of the latest submissions:


I live right by the Royal Oak SkyTrain station, which is one stop away from Edmonds. I can definitely attest to the screeching.

I have lived by multiple SkyTrain stations over the years, and the sound from the SkyTrain at this location is the worst. I cannot keep my window open at night because of how loud it gets, but summer is coming around, and I have no choice but to try and live with it.

Please reduce the screeching so I can go to bed in peace!

Abhinav Kumar


For the last five I have lived between Brentwood station and Holdom.

I understand the comments of “you chose to live close the the track ... now live with it." However, the noise from the trains have gotten much louder.

The longer trains are louder than the shorter ones. I am grateful that they shut down at night. They wake me at 5 a.m. when they start up. Good thing I’m an early bird. It would be nice to loose the daytime screeching sounds of the trains.

Jocelyne Whittred


The noise is definitely unbearable! Even when riding the train. It's simply torturous to endure!

Rawda Tomoum

I have lived approximately 150 metres from SkyTrain for 25 years, and the noise is getting more noticeable/annoying. While travelling on SkyTrain about two weeks ago, I rode on one of the original cars and the noise was absolutely unacceptable. One couldn’t even talk to the person next to themselves. I could hardly wait to get off.

Bob Rogers

📢 SOUND OFF: Are you affected by SkyTrain noise in Burnaby? What would you like to see done about it? Or is noise just the price you pay for living in an urban area? Share your thoughts — send us a letter.