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Opinions: Is SkyTrain noise 'unacceptable' or are you just a NIMBY?

Readers are split on the problem of "excessive" SkyTrain noise.
Is SkyTrain noise just part of living in the city, or is it an unacceptable disturbance? Burnaby NOW readers are split.

A recent letter writer raised concerns about "excessive" SkyTrain noise in Burnaby, and we asked what other readers thought: Is SkyTrain noise a problem in Burnaby? Should something be done about it?

Here's a sampling of the answers we've received so far:


I have lived on Station Hill Court for approximately 16 years. During that time the noise level of the SkyTrain has increased a great deal enough so that during the night, particularly, the noise is unacceptable.

I live near the Edmonds SkyTrain station and at first had no problems with noise when I arrived in the neighbourhood,  even during summer months when windows and doors were open. I find that now, with summer coming, I am dreading the noises, particularly at nighttime, that often wake me.

I would like to see something done about it and would like to find out more about this issue and how residents of my particular neighbourhood could help. Thank you for your time.

Juliette Vanstone


Public transit has enough trouble in this country without battling NIMBYism.

If you decided to live in a megalopolis, you knew what the conditions were. There is peace and quiet in Mission for those who need it.

We have the world’s only transit system that has no public washrooms in the stations; that’s what you should be focusing your extra energy on.

Dave Laprise


I have to agree with the person who wrote the letter, as do so many others who live in my building. I am now unable to sleep with my window open; the noise of the SkyTrain seems to be getting worse. I live east of the Patterson station, and west of Willingdon Avenue.

Vera Bergen


I find it quite funny to read letters complaining about the SkyTrain and noise. SkyTrain has been around since 1986. So unless you've lived in that residence since previous to 1986, you knew that there was a rapid transit system operating when you moved in.

This is the reality of living in a metropolitan area.

Timothy Hill


We live at Sperling and Winch, near the Sperling station.

Our bedroom faces that station — all night, we can hear the SkyTrain as well, one kilometre from the tracks.

Patrick Harris

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