Letter: Anti-SOGI advocate's shift in strategy a means to an end


Re People’s Party of Canada candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

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I read with some interest what PPC candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson had to say about her strategy in the upcoming Burnaby South byelection in February. Her statements seem to reflect a shift in the anticipated issues of her campaign platform. I sense what prompted her to run in the first place was her potent passion and effusive energy for the protection and defence of traditional values and religious freedom, and her opposition to the ideology of gender fluidity. Her strategy is now to campaign on the PPC party’s priorities including fiscal responsibility and immigration.

I predict that this shift will earn her more votes and it will probably be at the cost of an unwelcome shift from what motivated her to run in the first case. I have a feeling that Laura-Lynn is stifled and a bit frustrated by this apparently imposed shift, but she still has a relentless passion for the people and the erosion of their rights and liberties.  

I am sure that her ardent followers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of her success, if she emerges victorious, for I am strongly convinced that although she has changed her strategy, her inherent passion for the upholding of traditional and family values will be a key driving force in her political career.  

I therefore see this shift in strategy not as a compromise in her strong position on gender issues and family, but as a change to accommodate party priorities, as a means to an end, of which preservation of traditional family is the desideratum.

Ben Seebaran, Burnaby

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