Letter: Better ways to support Burnaby health heroes than banging pots and pans


Re: This guy is actually whining about ‘making noise’ for Burnaby health heroes, NOW opinion

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Wow, just wow - Chris Campbell. Shame on you for shaming because "Daryl, Burnaby" feels differently or has a different opinion than you. It's your exact mindset that pits people against one another.  

So he doesn't like the noise. So what? My neighbour is a nurse who works shifts and I would never, ever consider banging my pots and pans outside for any reason because I know she sleeps in the evening. 

Even if she wasn't a nurse, I still wouldn't bang my pots and pans. There are many different ways to show your support to people who are putting in countless hours to help through this illness.

Perhaps ordering hot meals, sandwiches or coffee travellers and have them delivered would be a better alternative than banging a few pots and pans. It would probably be better appreciated too. 

It's this "Titanic elitist mentality" - the "me before you" that is really hurting us. Dr. Bonnie Henry keeps reminding us to be kind. And sometimes it's just better to say less, or nothing at all.

Sandra Steffan, Langley

Editor’s note: Just to clarify, I wasn’t criticizing Daryl from Burnaby for not making noise. I was criticizing him because he’s demanding others stop making noise. In essence, “me before you” was his message.

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