Letter: Burnaby city staff already have it good - daycare plan not 'fair'


Re: Burnaby council eyes child-care centre for city, RCMP staff, NOW News

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It must be very nice to have a job at Burnaby City Hall and the RCMP where the salaries, the benefits and the pensions are the best you can get in their lines of work.   

City council is elected to act on behalf of all citizens of Burnaby, yet they are being given a proposal, spurred on by a survey of the staff of these two entities, to a build a 57-space daycare facility for their children, to be funded by Burnaby and provincial government grants.  

What about Burnaby firemen and teachers – are they next in line? The city is touted to be in a good position financially. If they are going to get into the (child-care) business, they should at least be fair about it and subsidize daycare costs for all Burnaby children.

Barbara Ruebottom, Burnaby

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