Letter: Burnaby council discriminating against private school students


Re: Burnaby private schools excluded from city’s bursary program, NOW News

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I understand that council plans to give city bursaries only to public school students. This discriminates unfairly against children in independent schools, home-schooled students, and their parents. 

Families choose these educational options for many reasons that are directly connected to B.C. human rights law and Charter protections: disabilities; security of person (safety) in the face of bullying due to sex, disability, race, colour, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity and expression; freedom of association, expression, religion, belief, and conscience; equality; liberty; etc.

Using Burnaby taxpayers' dollars in this discriminatory way is unacceptable in our very diverse and - according to council's PR messages - inclusive city. 

It's 2019. 

Include all students.

H. Ward, Burnaby

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