Letter: Burnaby councillor 'profoundly arrogant' about threats to bird habitat


Re: Conservationists ‘implore’ Burnaby council to half project threatening bird habitat, NOW, Feb. 7

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I wish Coun. Sav Dhaliwal would do his homework and be more honest in his comments.
Metro Vancouver only invited select residents to an information session in March of 2018 to inform them of Metro Vancouver’s (already made) decision to undertake this project in Montrose/Second Narrows Park. One meeting to tell a community of a decision isn’t “plenty of consultation” as Mr. Dhaliwal asserts.
Secondly, Mr. Dhaliwal’s comments that “many locations ... were considered” is an intentionally misleading statement. He is a member of the Metro Vancouver board and he knows they considered only three sites and they were all in the park.

Montrose Park Bird
A juvenile bald eagle perches on a tree in Second Narrows Park, where approximately 75 trees will be cut down to make way for a new water line. - Jennifer Gauthier

The most profoundly arrogant remark Mr. Dhaliwal makes in the story is when he says it’s "a bit late in the game” (to change course)> Since March of 2018 when select residents were first told of this decision, we have been pressing both Burnaby council and Metro Vancouver to reconsider this short-sighted plan, only to get double-speak like Dhaliwal gave you in your story.

His complete disregard for not only the residents of this community, but for cherished green space, is shameful.

Lisa Stewart

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