Letter: Burnaby cyclists should stay off sidewalks and in bike lanes


Something happened (recently) that I had been concerned about happening for the last few months.

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Lately, on the sidewalk on Lougheed Highway just off of the Lougheed SkyTrain station, there have been a lot of cyclists using the sidewalks instead of the bike lanes. They ride all day and seem to take no notice of people walking. I've had to move aside in order to avoid being hit more than once.

As I was walking home, a cyclist ran into me from behind. She apologized and tapped my shoulder, then proceeded to bike along the sidewalk even though there is a bike lane running right alongside it. I came home and noticed that the collision had taken some skin off my leg.

I would like more signage for that area, along with actual enforcement so that both pedestrians and cyclists can be safe. I hope that cyclists can use the bike lane set aside for them and stop taking risks with pedestrian traffic.

The cycling mark in the bike lane is also quite worn down and that might be exacerbating the issue.

I would like to see the city of Burnaby take this seriously. Both I and the cyclist could have been hurt worse today. 

K. Golik, Burnaby


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