Letter: Burnaby doesn't need more ice rinks; it needs a new art gallery


Re: Construction on South Burnaby ice rinks to begin in June, NOW, March 14

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It is with much dismay that I read in today’s Burnaby NOW that the City of Burnaby will pump another load of money into yet another ice rink. 

All the while the city's visual arts collection languishes in storage and an outdated mansion that doubles as an art gallery.  

The Burnaby Arts Council has been stressing the need for 50-odd years that the city enter the 20th Century in terms of a new art gallery and the 20th Century came and went without a new art gallery facility. 

It is now the 21st Century and we are almost 20 years into it and we see city council continue to build sports facilities and continue to ignore the visual arts and our fine art collection. 

When will this end?

Darcy Olson, Burnaby



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