LETTER: Burnaby First Chance has fighting chance

Editor: Burnaby First Coalition doesn’t stand a chance, NOW letters, Aug. 29

I agree that Mike Hurley’s mayoral campaign is off to a good start, but I can’t agree that BFC does not stand a chance. The Burnaby Greens, BCA and BFC are not campaigning very aggressively at the moment.

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In 2014, Burnaby First candidates for both council and school board came within 4,000 of being elected and, in fact, some Burnaby First candidates did win the most votes at individual polling stations. Running a slate of candidates for a second time usually produces better results. It should be noted that in 2014, over 100,000 eligible voters didn’t even bother to vote.

Now that the financing rules have been evened out a little, and there is considerable resentment towards the ruling BCA, especially over demovictions, I believe that another BCA sweep is most improbable.

I don’t make predictions haphazardly; I myself am a former longtime BCA supporter and have had two neighbours already volunteer to pick me up a BFC lawn sign once they are available. 

My prediction is that we’ll have a new mayor and that the other positions will be won by an assortment of parties. In essence, my prediction is for that which other communities consider normal.

Sarah McDonald, Burnaby


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