Letter: Burnaby should inspect for other dangerous illegal suites


Re: Burnaby landlord says city forcing him to renovict tenants, NOW, July 17

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Mayor Mike Hurley: “People can point their fingers in every direction, but the point is that his (rental units are) illegal and our inspector went and that’s what they found.” 

His dismisses (as irrelevant) the landlord’s claim there are other homes in the area with illegal suites.

To quote philosopher Jason Stanley, who is quoting Rousseau, “There is a tacit agreement between members of a civil society to place themselves under the same laws, which ‘place the same burden on everybody.’”

Hurley should have the bylaw inspector follow up on other buildings in the area, going door to door, if necessary. I am sure no one wants to read that tenants couldn’t get out of a building after it caught on fire. No one wants to hear that an owner’s kids couldn’t get out of their basement bedrooms either.

If the rules are going to be applied, apply them to everyone. Granting some time for changes and perhaps a tax break might help, too. After all, it was Burnaby who originally approved these buildings safe to be occupied. Cities need all the rental accommodation they can get.

Heather MacKenzie, New Westminster

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