Letter: Burnaby store’s mask requirement feels like a sales ‘gimmick’


We were at the T&T supermarket during the seniors hour to do some shopping on May 15.

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T&T customers are now required to wear a face mask.

As we stood in line, we noticed almost everyone was wearing a face mask. The security guard in front of the store checked temperatures and asked for face masks.

We told them we did not have one and thought T&T having us wearing one would be a request, not a mandatory requirement to shop at T&T. We were told that we would be refused entry without a face mask.

We asked if T&T would supply one for each of us. The guard went in and asked the question. He came back out and said the mask are $1 each.

Supermarket asks customers to wear masks
T & T Supermarket, which has a store in Burnaby, is asking customers to wear masks starting May 11. - Getty Images

We thought it would be complimentary, so we asked him to go back in and ask if they will deduct the sale of the mask off our grocery bill. T&T said no.

They were adamant about charging us for the face mask, even if we were doing our grocery shopping.
The notice posted outside the store said a face mask was required, but it did not say T&T would charge for them if you did not have one.
In these times where businesses are hurting for sales and customers, we have a business expressing an arrogant attitude towards customers. Requiring customers to purchase a mask is another sales gimmick by T&T. If we were told the proceeds went to charity, then yes, we can accept this, but there is no indication of such.
We left the store and went to another local store, Sungiven, which happily welcomed us with open arms and no face mask.

Richard Wong, Burnaby

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