Letter: Burnaby T&T criticism is unfair. Mask fee is OK


Re: Burnaby store’s mask requirement feels like a sales ‘gimmick’, NOW Letters

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Contrary to what other customers might think, I applaud T&T's new requirement that everyone who enters the store has to wear a face mask.

All other supermarkets should have the same policy. It's definitely not a gimmick as the virus is highly contagious and not a joke.

T&T has a right to protect its employees and as a customer I feel much safer knowing that everyone is wearing one. Just look at Hong Kong and Taiwan, where keeping the two-metre social distance is next-to-impossible and yet there are no mass outbreaks, due no less to the fact that residents there wear masks.

Charging those who come in without one for a measly one dollar is reasonable and why should the store subsidizes those who don't wear one? I doubt if T&T would be losing any business over a policy designed to protect all concerned.

Kai Tam, Burnaby



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