Letter: City of Burnaby powerless to stop screeching SkyTrains. Why?


On June 8 of this year, I complained to TransLink about excessive SkyTrain noise.  

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I measured the noise level at the intersection of Rumble and Gilley at 89 decibels. Burnaby noise bylaws prohibit non-continuous noise exceeding 75 or 80 decibels, depending on the time of day. TransLink is not subject to Burnaby city bylaws and I am unsure as to why that is the case.

Although I don’t think it’s relevant whether one purchased property near the SkyTrain line before or after the noise began, I would point out that I bought my property in 1989, when the system was fairly quiet.  

Some of my neighbours purchased their homes before the SkyTrain line was built.

I previously complained to TransLink about excessive noise in April of 2016, April of 2017 and March of 2018. In my experience, it takes many months after the complaint is made for the problem to be remedied.

I am reluctant to invite people to visit in my backyard because all conversation must cease when trains go by. I also worry about damage to my hearing.  

Last week, I requested a reduction in my property taxes from the City of Burnaby, as the noise is negatively affecting the use and enjoyment of my property. 

It shouldn’t take such a large number of complaints for TransLink to perform the maintenance that is so urgently required.

Charlene Dorward, Burnaby


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