Letter: Cut Burnaby some slack on snow removal


Re: Did Burnaby really do a ‘terrible’ job of snow removal? NOW Opinion

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I feel more than qualified to answer that question because I am someone who spent roughly the first 60 years of my life in the Saint John area of New Brunswick, and where real winter conditions exist.

I left NB in late 2007 for the West Coast of British Columbia and, in particular, Burnaby. Considering the fact that this area of the country rarely gets this severity of weather, I think they did an admiral job of clearing the snow, slush and ice, considering also they do not have a contingent of snow-removal equipment.

I know, everyone thinks their street or sidewalk is the most in need of attention, but that is not reality, nor should it be. Just be glad the city was able to do the job they accomplished, in the time-frame they had to deal with, and cut them some slack.

Wayne McQueen, Burnaby

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