Letter: Debate is over - time for Burnaby to ban plastic bags


This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching students from two Burnaby schools - Alpha Secondary and Burnaby North - participate in the BC Provincial Debate finals in Victoria.

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The majority of the other competitors were students from private schools across the province. The students from our city always stated they were, "so proud to represent Burnaby."
When I wasn't watching the debates, I went shopping at a toy store, a bakery and a supermarket. Plastic bags were unavailable at all three. Instead, they offered me a paper bag for a small fee. I was pleasantly surprised at how everyone in Victoria has gotten used to the complete prohibition on plastic bags. The city is getting on just fine without them.
The debate against plastic is over. Burnaby's new mayor and green party member should advocate a similar no plastic bags in Burnaby bylaw. Victoria has proven it can be done easily. As I watched our young, bright Burnaby students in action, I thought we older people need to do more for them and their future.
Louise Hazemi, Burnaby

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