Letter: Demovicted Burnaby resident victimized again with bad bus service


I have just moved to an apartment on Rumble Street at McKay Avenue. I’m one of many who were asked to move from our low-cost apartments so the developers could build new highrises.

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It took me nearly 10 months to finally find a place that I could afford.

One thing that was crucial to the move was good bus service, but after five weeks of living here, I have been left at bus stops along with other passengers because the bus was too full. Three time buses have not even arrived.

They are the small buses. I have called and sent emails to TransLink (about this).

There have been three new buildings along Rumble Street and each building is the same as the one I am in.

So, if a lot of these are using the bus system, we will be having this problem until they increase the buses or go to the bigger buses.

Edward Field, Burnaby


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