LETTER: Don't muddy the waters with another Burnaby mayoral candidate


It is the time when those individuals who wish to serve on council step up. Their spirit is to be commended, as it is a daunting task. 

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Recent elections have shown that most groups, teams and individuals are poorly prepared and funded to unseat the entrenched incumbents.

This time around we have one who appears to be a legitimate contender for the mayor's chair.

Mike Hurley's record of public service and leadership is impressive. Well-organized and supported by a drove of dedicated workers, he still has a tough battle ahead.

It would indeed be unfortunate if the vote is split by the appearance of a yet-unnamed candidate. If a group has had four years to prepare and six weeks out doesn't have an announced candidate, what do their organizational skills look like? The Greens, who are organized and do have a policy platform - not one that I support - recognize the fact.

There is a time to put one's ego on hold for the common good. 

Muddying the waters when there is a clear choice just seems self-serving. But then again, that's just one opinion.

Ray Power, Burnaby

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