Letter: Enough is enough - get on with Trans Mountain in Burnaby


I am wondering how many times the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has to be approved before it is “approved.”

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I think what is going on is ridiculous and an abuse of process. There must be some means by which the interminable review process can be brought to an end and construction proceeded with.

I want to protect the environment; however, as a practical matter we must export our resources if we want to maintain our standard of living. 

I define myself as a conservationist rather than an environmentalist. A conservationist being a person who wants to preserve as much of the environment as possible and exploit the remainder in the most efficient and least invasive fashion. 

Based on that definition it is self-evident that the pipeline expansion should be built. The economic benefits are undeniable and national in scope.  

The construction process will have some impact on the environment but it will be minor and localized. The only remaining concern is the effect on the marine environment caused by a five-fold increase in tanker traffic. 

Personally that is a risk I am willing to take as I believe it to be miniscule. The strictest conditions will be placed on those tankers and given the existing scale of maritime activity in the Salish Sea the incremental effect will not be significant.

I say enough is enough. Let’s get on with this project.

Garth Evans, Burnaby

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