Letter: Give Burnaby city workers a break. It's not easy

At this time, when we are in the midst of cold weather and the wet snow that makes it even harder to get around to and from where we are heading/need to go, I think it is timely to recognize those who work to make our travels the best they can be when weather is such as it is now.

Those working for the city to plow our roads come from different Lower Mainland communities and work long hours to clear our roads as best as possible in the conditions that make driving more difficult for all.

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Their efforts do assist in making travel easier and safer. Some that can therefore travel more easily and more safely are other folks also working for the safety of so many.

They include firefighters, paramedics and police, and many others who work even in the most challenging circumstances in the best interests of and for the safety of all.

It is important for us to acknowledge those working selflessly for all and I think this is an especially relevant time to acknowledge their work on behalf of all.

To those folks, I extend great appreciation and wishes for all the best for them as they do what they do for all and in their own lives “away from work.”

Diane Gillis, Burnaby

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