Letter: I almost got caught in Burnaby's gas station killing


Re: Two Burnaby homicides in a week. This is alarming, NOW Opinion

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But, by the grace of God, go I. 

It has been my pleasure to live in this fine city, and lovely province, for almost 20 years. During that time, I have personally come into contact with two situations involving an alleged homicide by gun. 

About 10 years ago, I drove by a crime scene at Lougheed and Gilmore and noticed a sheet lying on the ground. I think we all know what was covered up.

Last Sunday night, I drove down Canada Way and wanted to get some gas, as many stations were going empty due to the snow conditions. It was a 50-50 chance that I chose the Shell station on the east side of Willingdon instead of the Chevron on the west.

While not in any immediate or personal danger in either case, it only takes a slight change in fortune to make it so. Had I arrived a little earlier, or a little later, it could easily have been me, or any other member of the public, lying in a pool of their own blood.

What particular set of circumstances have brought us to live under these conditions.

One word suffices: drugs, specifically illegal narcotics. I don't know the cure, but I do know the symptoms. I suggest the politicians get with it, as the "patient" is dying.

While not ideal, quick and temporary relief could be had with a "drag net" applied to all known drug dealers, their associates, and any other related low-life involved in this horrible trade. Simply crank up the civil forfeitures, criminal charges, and incarcerations of at least the most vile of the villains involved. It seems the politicians don't have the political will to accomplish this, and are satisfied simply "keeping score" by counting the body bags as they pile up.

Hopefully, my analysis is wrong, but the facts would indicate otherwise. If the ship is sinking, stop rowing, and start bailing.

Stephen Meighan, Burnaby

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