Letter: I can't believe somebody can't quickly sort their recyclables


Re: I just moved to Burnaby and already hate its recycling system, NOW Letters, Feb. 8

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I think they have our recycling program utterly wrong.

First off, I have no idea why it would take anybody extra time to sort their recycling. If you sort as you go, there's no extra time involved. Get a few extra bins. 

No biggie.

In regards to the garbage, it's picked up biweekly in Burnaby. I'd put money on the fact that this house doesn't have the maximum-sized bin, which is 360L. For two households, that's 90L per week.

If you're exceeding that, you're not recycling or living a pretty wasteful lifestyle.

Furthermore, Burnaby will pick up any large items any time you want for free. If you're nice, they'll pick up extra garbage if you give them a good reason. I've done this.

I've worked plenty with Burnaby sanitation through the years. They're fantastic. The entire program is top-notch. Complaining that it's different than the past community that one lived in seems rather petty to me.

Ryan Clare, Burnaby


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