Letter: I can't find a Burnaby doctor because they control the system


As if the housing situation isn't bad enough, just try to find a family doctor these days.

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My cardiologist said I needed one and he gave me a list of four doctors who are accepting new patients. I tried them and such was not the case with any of them. My local walk-in clinic won't accept me either because I had a complaint about them. I thought that my situation was unique until I heard that a friend of mine has been barred from attending the hospital because he had a complaint about a dirty feeding tube for his wife as a patient.

When I see security guards patrolling the halls at Burnaby General Hospital and have seen complainers being evicted, I see a system totally under the control of the doctors.

So far at least, I have no family doctor and so don't feel that I have much to lose by complaining about them. I'm sure there are many stories out there of dictatorial practices followed by doctors at hospitals and health care clinics. But any Canadian citizen with no family doctor at their nearest medical clinic should have the right to complain long and loud about it. Otherwise, we have health care only for those able to pay for it.

Jim Ervin, Burnaby

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