Letter: I'm tired of politicians who are big oil puppets


Remember Justin Trudeau’s “governments grant permits, but only communities grant permission”?

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I sure do.

My community (Burnaby) back in 2015 told the bogus National Energy Board overwhelmingly that we don’t grant permission.
Since then, the UN IPCC have stated that we have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe (it’s now only 11 years), yet the Liberals continue to attempt to force the planet-destroying TMX pipeline on us - to the ludicrous extent of actually buying and overpaying for it while obviously ignoring climate science, Indigenous rights, community opposition and plain common sense.
They have idly watched while the RCMP have arrested hundreds of protectors, including Elizabeth May, Kennedy Stewart, Jean Swanson, Indigenous leaders and university professors - all people who were attempting to do what the big-oil lackey Liberals have failed to do - protect people and the planet.
They declared a climate emergency and then the very next day approved an oil sands expanding pipeline. Stunningly stupid and beyond contempt.
To hell with the whole lot of you Liberal big oil puppets and good riddance come October.
Bill Harrison, Burnaby

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