Letter: I shot an 'ear-splitting' video of Burnaby SkyTrain noise


Re: ‘Screeching’ SkyTrain noise in Burnaby

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I read the recent articles in the NOW about residents complaining about SkyTrain noise. I, too, have tried to get some action taken on this, with no success to date. 

I live in a building behind the BC Hydro tower and one side of our suite faces the tracks going to and from the Edmonds station, but also, worse yet, the SkyTrain maintenance yard. 

When we moved here, we of course expected some noise from the trains passing during service hours. Annoying as that is at times, we knew what we were getting in that regard. 

What we couldn't have anticipated was the fact that the trains are moved around the maintenance yard for cleaning and serviced literally all night long. Every time a train is moved, it emits a loud, high-pitched screeching sound that is ear-splitting. I do not exaggerate in saying this happens the entire night every night.

Here's a video I shot a year ago from my bedroom window just before 3 a.m. 

During warmer nights, if I want to keep my window open for some fresh air, I have to wear earplugs to sleep because the high-pitched noise is so loud, it keeps me from being able to sleep. 

I complained to TransLink and got a canned response. I complained to the city and was told that TransLink is not subject to municipal noise bylaws.


Can you think of any other business that is allowed to make whatever noise they want in a residential area all night, every night? 

I even met the mayor and a councillor at a community event and mentioned it to them. They followed up and connected me with someone else at TransLink and received another canned response. 

There has to be some amount of balance between the needs of TransLink to move their trains and the rights of nearby residents to some amount of peace and quiet in their homes after service hours. 

I would welcome contact from anyone who would like to organize to try to effect some change on this issue. 

Carly Franklin, Burnaby


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