Letter: I was blown away by the staff at Burnaby Hospital


Thank you Burnaby Hospital.
At a time when there always seems to be more than enough criticism about the state of our health-care system, I felt compelled to write about a recent unexpected visit to Burnaby Hospital.

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I had been sent to BH by my doctor after a couple of days of fever and stomach pain had become unbearable. From the time that I entered the emergency to the following day I was discharged - after having surgery for appendicitis - I have to say I was treated quickly, professionally and compassionately during the entire process.

My intake nurses, Charmaine and Elphie were great. The CT scan crew was as well. I was always well-informed and reassured along the way.

My admitting doctor was available quickly and my eventual surgeon, Dr. Hsu, was excellent as well. Post-operative nurses on ward 4-D were there every couple of hours during the night, asking me if I needed anything, giving pain meds and taking blood pressures.

I realize that these are things that hospital staff are all expected to do, but the way I was handled by every employee at BH hospital during my ordeal put me so at ease that I was absolutely blown away with the experience.

I'm sitting at home today sore and tired, but with an absolute renewed sense of respect and admiration for these front-line workers, and for my city's hospital. Thanks for truly looking after me every step of the way.

Scott Ruddy, Burnaby

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